Bridesmaid Was So Horrified By Her Sister’s List Of Demands She Shared Them With The Internet

There is something interesting that happens in conjunction with weddings. Either they bring out the best in people or they bring out the worst in people. We all understand that the wedding is one of the biggest days that you will ever have in your life but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody’s world is going to come to a stop so they can sacrifice a lot of time and money to meet your outrageous demands.

Sometimes, the list of expectations that comes from the bride is quite extreme. In fact, there is even a word that is associated with it for now, ‘bridezilla’. It seems as if we have somebody who just moved into the top of the list for bridezillas and her sister is the one that posted the information online.

The bridezilla opens things up with an invitation to a ‘brawl’. It seems that she wanted people to fight to the death so they could have the honor of being invited to the wedding. In addition to the fact that she had such a suggestion, she also has a list of demands that even included a legally binding contract. It turned out to be a cash grab and she wants as much as she can get from everyone.

It seems as if this would not be a welcome invitation if it arrived in my mailbox. Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of two individuals that are coming together for life, not a competition to see how much cash you can get. Take a look at what this bridezilla wanted and you will see that she definitely belonged at the top of the list.

This bridezilla’s story was shared on Reddit by her sister. By the way, she wasn’t even engaged yet.

These are the requirements to be in the bridal party:

People were outraged by her demands so the OP answered their questions.

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