15 Hilarious Photos That Prove Everything On Social Media Is A Lie

If there’s one thing that most of us recognize about social media, it’s the fact that people often use it to hide who they really are. They will stage every picture to make themselves look better, to make their meal look more delicious or to make their puppy look a little cuter. Even if they are spending the ‘perfect’ day outdoors at the beach, they will still work to make everything just a little better so that you will envy their perfect life.

Most of us realize that the ‘perfect day’ picture actually takes quite a few attempts and the picture of your perfect meal is not a representation of your healthy lifestyle. As you look down through these 15 amusing images, you will see why social media is the biggest lie of all.

1. What we wouldn’t do for the perfect photo.

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Instagram vs Reality – What goes on behind the scenes!! ????‍♀️ — The lengths we go to to get Insta worthy photos ???????? Here's me climbing up a pile of wobbly rocks after taking the photo on the left!! ???????? — Nobody looks perfect 24/7 it's physically impossible and most of the time we only show the good photos not the ones where we are struggling to flawlessly climb up these rocks gracefully ???????? — People always tell me how tiny my waist is or how they wish they had bigger legs like mine!! Even though my legs are probably the part im most self conscious with!! Don't get me wrong I've worked really hard on my journey so far to get were I currently am and I'm finally starting to embrace and love my body let's face it we can all try and change our bodies as much as we like and it will work to a certain extent but genetics also play a massive part so we have to love what we have been blessed with I'm far from perfect, We all know what angles make us look our best however our camera roll is also full of so many photos where we got those angles so wrong ???? But you will rarely see those… — Stop comparing yourselves to anyone else on social media or to what society deems as "perfect" and start embracing your own beauty that you already have and becoming more comfortable in your own skin!! There is only one of us and that is so powerful it's what makes us all unique!! ????

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2. Getting the perfect picture of your pet

3. The perfect family doesn’t exist

4. So much for your perfect diet

5. Healthiest breakfast

6. The perfect man

7. Feet in the sand

8. Your pet is so cute

9. Everything is beautiful

10. Nailed it

11. The perfect couple

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••• Instagram vs. Reality. ••• Hach, ich feiere diesen Schnappschuss so sehr. Beide Bilder zeigen uns. Schmachtend und noch immer schwerverliebt – und uns ärgernd und so tuend als wäre Liebe etwas nervtötendes. Das sind halt wir – verliebte Spinner. Und das ist gut so. Wir sind gut so. Liebe ist gut so. Alles ist gut so. Das Leben ist gut so. Gut so mit dir. Gut so mit mir. Gut so mit uns. Gut so für immer. #Stinkiliebe ❤️???? ________________________________ #instagramvsreality #instagramvsreallife #liebe #love #relationshipgoals #relationship #happiness #fun #quality #gutso #dankbar #thankful #happygirl #smile #qualitytime #beyourself #beyourbest #beach #beachvibes #beachlife #mv #stralsund #balticsea #ostseekinder #liebe #always #altefähr #glücklichsein

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12. Perfect skin

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I look at other girls Instagram sometimes and get super insecure because of their perfect skin and perfect body and perfect life. But then I remember that Instagram literally doesn’t say shit about a person or their life. We don’t see their struggles or THEIR insecurities (bc spoiler alert: EVERYONE has them), we just see what they choose to show us. If you go around on social media comparing yourself to others you’re basically comparing yourself to someones highlight reel, not their real life. You’re comparing yourself to photoshop, lighting, the right angle, sucking in, fake laughing, 2hrs of hair and makeup, a bomb photographer and about 1000 more things. I’m not saying people are fake, I’m just saying this is a platform where people choose what to show you, they choose their best photos. No one wants to highlight their insecurities, struggles, heartbreaks and their anxiety. Stop the comparison game. Stop getting down on yourself because you don’t look like that. They might not even look like that. _______________________________________________________ #embraceyourreal #instavsreality #selflovefirst #skinproblems #acne #acnescarring #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #youareenough #youarebeautiful #acnesufferer #postacne #acnescars #nomoreacne #hyperpigmentation #selflovewarrior #keepingitreal

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13. Cuddling in real life

14. Perfect makeup

15. Traveling to beautiful places

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