People In Sweden Are Getting Implants In Their Hands And It Proves The World Is Getting Scarier

Since the spring of 2018, people in Sweden have been getting chipped. The chip is inserted surgically between the index finger and thumb and it replaces keys, plastic cards and many other things that people carry with them regularly. About 100 people were chipped at first and according to some sources, that number has increased to more than 4000 and growing.

It’s time to learn a little bit more about this chip and what it does.

The primary things to know about the chip:

He replaces electronic wallets, travel and bank cards and key cards. You can touch a terminal with your hand to Patty.

It’s smaller than a grain of rice

The procedure only cost $180 and some companies are offering it as a service to their employees

It doesn’t have GPS technology so you can’t be tracked

You have to have the chip within a few inches from the reader for it to work so it is not easily stolen.

It only contains information but can’t access information from elsewhere.

You can see more about how it works in this video. Scientists thinks that people from Sweden are now entering into a new digital age, not to mention the fact that it is convenient.

Here is how it looks, although you can’t see it

You see this when you press it:

How it looks on x-ray

The process of chipping:

There are some people who criticize the decision to have a chip inserted. This is partly due to the fact that there is no guarantee personal information can be kept confidential. It is also impossible to know GPS trackers are not included in the chip. Some big companies may want to start tracking employee location, which would be a convenient thing for them but an invasion of privacy for others. There is also a conspiracy theory that surrounds why companies would be providing this service for free.

We would have to agree that this would be convenient but before we go under the knife, we would have to know a lot more about it. For now, we will be carrying our smartphones, wallets, and keys with us everywhere we go.

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