Dog Sneaks His Shelter Buddies Out Of Their Kennels To Party

Red is an incredibly intelligent lurcher dog who is beloved by everyone he meets. Recently, he was caught on camera in the midst of being naughty. Once you learn more about his intentions, you will have a tough time staying mad at him. He resides at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Did you know that he is the reason the cameras were installed in the first place, though?

As it turns out, he is quite the troublemaker. The kennel’s administrative staff was having a hard time figuring out a major mystery that was taking place. They would come in each morning and find dogs roaming the hallways. Some of the animals would even make their way to the kitchen and help themselves to some of the kennel’s food.

They had no idea who was responsible. Finally, they elected to install some cameras. This would allow them to get to the bottom of things, once and for all. What they found was stunning. Red was the culprit. He loves to sneak out at night and he is not about to let his girlfriend go hungry. Red spreads the wealth to his buddies as well.

What a great guy! We could all use a friend like him, right? Red’s sneaky behavior might not be funny to those who have to clean up after his messes but for us? This is hysterical. Watching them head to the kitchen to party together is giving us life. If you can watch this clip without cracking up immediately, you may have a heart of stone.

Dogs might be considered to be a lesser life form by some but those of us who are truly aware of their smarts know different. If you liked this video as much as we did, be sure to head to Facebook and give Reshareworthy a like. That lets us know that we should be sharing more hysterical stories like this one with all of our readers.

This is a story that needs to be shared with your friends and loved ones as well. They are sure to appreciate Red and his efforts. We could all use a pal like him sometimes. Breaking the rules is not always advisable but if you’re going to do the wrong thing, you might as well do it in the right way! Pass it on, people.

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