Boston Terrier Rescued From Puppy Mill Gets The Courage For Her First Snuggle

Operation Liberty Dogs prides themselves on providing a refuge for dogs that are trapped in unbearable settings. Noisette is one of the dogs who was recently rescued by the organization from a Northern Virginia breeding facility. A whopping 132 dogs were taken from the facility. When Noisette was first found, she was in pretty rough shape and in need of help.

She was anemic due to blood less and covered in fleas. It would take a sizable effort to restore her health. Dogs who reside in puppy mills do not always have the chance to live a productive life, though. Dogs XL Rescue’s Anne Wuhrer decided that she would become Noisette’s foster mother. It took some time for Noisette to come out of her shell, though.

This is certainly understandable. After all, puppy mill dogs do not always receive the best practice when it comes to socialization. They are crammed into tiny spaces and forced to wallow in their own filth. The video that you are about to see if one of the most adorable moments that we have had the privilege of checking out recently. Anne’s husband is pretty adorable in his own right.

He wanted to help Noisette become more comfortable. He wanted to give her the chance to come to him. So, he laid perfectly still on the floor and decided to wait her out. He was not about to force the dog to give him a snuggle. She was going to have to make this decision on her own. Dogs like her have to overcome so much before they can trust again.

They need understanding foster parents who are willing to take their time and allow them to heal at their own pace. All it takes is a little bit of love and respect to change a dog’s life. We are glad to see that Noisette is finally being given the chance to enjoy the life that she deserves.

Please share this story to raise awareness about the plight of puppy mill dogs. Noisette was one of the fortunate animals who was able to find a better life but there are a multitude of other dogs who are simply not as fortunate. Let’s all do our part to make sure that stories like this one start to become a thing of the past. All puppy mills need to be shut down immediately.

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