20 Photos Show Just How Much Freddie Mercury Loved His Cats

Freddie Mercury is one of the most beloved musicians to ever walk the face of the planet. As the front man for the legendary band Queen, he has had his hands in a wide range of classics that are still played today. The recent release of the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic has opened up his music to a number of younger audiences as well.

But did you know that Freddie Mercury cared deeply for his cats? To find out more about the love that he shares for his felines, be sure to check out the following photos:

The cats were considered to be the heads of the household. He gave them run of the place when he was not around.

This is one man who knows how to choose the proper arm candy.

When Freddie was away on tour, he used a special phone to call his kitties. His friend Mary Austin made sure to put them on the phone with him.

He liked to cuddle with his cats, even if they were not exactly feeling it.

There is zero doubt in our minds that Freddie is the king of all cat people.

Is there anything on this planet that is more adorable than a kitten inside of a basket.

This cat may not have wanted to snuggle but Freddie was having none of it.

Who wouldn’t enjoy breakfast in bed with all of their favorite pets in tow?

They are the best of friends and they love spending time together in the garden,

According to reports, Mercury owned at least ten cats over the course of his life.

We are beyond jealous of how well these two match with each other.

Did you know that Mercury even dedicated one of his albums (Mr. Nice Guy) to one of the cats?

Mercury was just like anyone else. He loved to pester his cats with too much loving.

Another album was dedicated to everyone around the world who shares his love for cats.

A hand painted vest with pictures of cats on it was one of his favorite articles of clothing.

Freddie did not spend money on expensive cats from breeders. He believed in rescuing cats in need.

He also considered cats to be his artistic muse.

Freddie’s cats were like kids to him. He treated each of them with the same level of love and respect.

He was never more happy than he was at home with his pets by his side.

The cats would roam the property freely but Dad would accompany them when he was around.

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