20-year-old left to raise 5 siblings after parents died gets surprised with new car

Samantha Rodriguez is a 20-year-old living in Orange County, Florida. But while most women her age are busy with their friends, budding careers, and trips away, Samantha’s life is completely different. She has taken on the immense responsibility of raising her five younger siblings ever since both their parents passed away from cancer in recent years.

Her siblings range between the ages of 5 and 16. Raising this many kids requires a lot of responsibility and patience of any caregiver, let alone a 20-year-old who is both dealing with the losses of her parents as well as coming into her own person.

But she’s been doing it all on her own, and it has not been easy.

Over Christmas, the sheriff’s department got wind of her situation and stepped in to help her give her siblings a good holiday. The kids were given the impression that they would be touring the OCSO Aviation Unit, but once there, they were surprised with a load of gifts, as well as treated to a helicopter ride over the city.

The police department shared the photos on Facebook, which quickly drew attention from the rest of the community. It didn’t take long for other people to begin sending the police department messages expressing interest in helping Samantha and her siblings.

The town then came together in a very moving act of love to present Samantha with a much-needed, and much-deserved present.

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