21 Photos That’ll Make You Think Twice About Swimming In The Ocean

In the midst of this heat wave, it is only understandable to want to take a dip in the ocean. However, there are a wide range of sea creatures that lurk beneath the surface. Some of these monsters may give you serious pause before jumping in so be sure to take a closer look.


This human had better swim quickly because the prognosis does not look good, judging from this picture.


As for this human, we certainly hope that meditation can keep a sea creature at bay.


Does this person know that they are being followed? If not….good night and good luck.


Maybe this octopus simply wants to give this diver a hug. Let’s not be so quick to jump to conclusions.


A jellyfish with the mane of a lion? That settles it, we are never going back into the ocean again as long as we live.


Seaweed may not be that scary to most of us but it can cause problems for the uninitiated.


This looks like someone took a still photograph straight from one of our nightmares.


We are not sure if this is a portal to the center of the earth or a place where the sea creatures stash the carcasses.


Just imagine seeing this picture while you are actually a passenger on this boat.


Few pictures could ever show the true depth of the ocean quite like this one.


Surfing seems fun but when you see pictures like these, it makes you wonder if it is truly worth it.


The sheer size of this great blue whale is definitely intimidating.


There are snakes this size on the ocean floor? Deal us out on this one, chief.


We are not even sure what this sea creature even is but good luck to this fisherman anyways!


Just why? That’s all we have to say about this one.


How many underwater snakes do we really need anyways? This seems rather unnecessary from our point of view.


This person is far more brave than we will ever be and that is not an exaggeration.


Was Jaws really a movie? From the looks of this photo, it was actually a documentary.


Please be a gentle giant….please be a gentle giant.


This diver is going to be lucky not to become dinner.


Sperm whales: one of nature’s most bizarre mistakes.

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