299 Dogs Found Families At An Adoption Event But Nobody Wanted The Last Dog

King Zeus’ recent visit to an adoption event was supposed to provide him with the chance to locate a true forever home. The poor dog did not seem too hopeful, though. He was resigned to his fate before he even arrived. The six year old pitbull had been living at an Indiana humane society for the past few months. It was easy to see that life had been hard on him.

Street life is not easy for any dog and King Zeus is certainly no different. While he is a pitbull mix and these dogs are believed to have a tough demeanor, this does not mean that they do not enjoy receiving love and affection from humans. His body was covered in scars, his teeth were worn down and his front legs had seen better days. Not having a bed to sleep in took its toll on him.

Some dogs from a rough background allow their issues to make them mean. King Zeus, on the other hand? He is as sweet and kind as they come. His sad eyes tell a story that few people are willing to hear. Families have tried to adopt him but he is not someone who does all that well with other dogs. He is great with kids, though. One thing is clear: King Zeus loves people.

Once he was returned for a second time, the shelter workers say that he stopped holding out much hope. He seemed to realize that no one would want him and began to act as if he would never find the home he deserved. All he wanted to do is lay inside of his kennel quietly. He stopped barking almost completely as well. Doesn’t this just break your heart?

The adoption event was supposed to provide King Zeus with the chance to meet some new potential owners. Sadly, he was one of the only dogs that was not chosen. No one even bothered to meet the poor fellow. A Facebook post was written about King Zeus and the shelter workers are hoping that this spurs a few people into taking the necessary actions to make his life better.

Visit the Humane Society for Hamilton County’s website if you would like to learn more about how you can help King Zeus find a home. Donations can also be provided by those who are looking to contribute to the costs of his care.

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