‘Mini’ Pig Forced To Live Inside A Fish Tank So He Would ‘Stay Small’

Beacon the pig was the victim of some bad advice and some very gullible owners. He was given to his owners when he was very small. They were told that he was supposed to be a “mini pig” and that his size was normal. In order to make sure that they did not overfeed him or let him get too big, the owners were told to give him very small amounts of food.

He was also supposed to be stored inside of a fish tank. The family followed this silly advice and we cannot believe that they were willing to do so. Google is free, you guys. Predictably, the family soon realized that he was too much for them to take care of. Instead of doing the right thing, they elected to put an ad up on Craigslist. Someone found the ad and shared it on Facebook.

If not for these people posting the ad to a pig lovers group on Facebook, we wonder what would have became of this animal. Beacon’s next family heard about him through this ad and they decided that they wanted to provide him with a forever home. Anna already had one pig living at her house. She was not planning on getting another at that time.

Unfortunately, Beacon’s situation was simply too dire to be ignored. She was unable to put him out of her mind. She and her husband went to pick him up and they were in shock. The pig’s living conditions were absolutely deplorable. He had been reduced to skin and bone. The poor animal could barely even walk by the time Anna and her husband arrived on the scene.

The pig was absolutely terrified of everyone at this point. Anna even tried to bribe the animal with a piece of cookie but no dice. It was tough for them to bring him home at first. At long last, they got him into his cage and rescued him from the awful home. The pig was just fine, minus being underweight. He would have to overcome some major trust issues but other than that, he was fine.

Now, he is happy again and he is no longer scared of every human that he meets. Once he was given the chance to live in a loving environment, he became the pig that he always could be. We are glad to see that this story had a happy ending and we urge you to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. They are sure to enjoy the tale of Beacon.

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