Dash Cam Video Appears To Show Dog-Sized Spider Ambushing A Cop

This poor cop never saw the ambush coming. While the police are subjected to any number of problems throughout the course of their working day, this is something else entirely. This situation unfolded during a random traffic stop in Texas. The officer was getting ready to go about their business when a massive spider decided to make their presence known.

There was no way for the officer to defend himself. The dash cam footage that was released shows that the office did his best, though. These are the types of stories that lead to a certain amount of exaggeration. Everyone always claims that they have seen a spider that is the size of a dog or something along those lines. Good thing we have video evidence.

In reality, this spider was not the size of a dog. More like a very tiny nuisance, to be honest. If we were this cop, we would have been exaggerating this story, too. No one deserves to have an enormous spider jumping out at them during the most inopportune moments. All this cop wants to do is protect and serve his community….not have to deal with supersized bugs.

This is one story that you will want to share, though. No one is going to believe the size of this spider unless you take the time to explain it to them. They are also going to need video evidence to prove it. We are now living in the “if you don’t have video, then it did not happen” era and this is something that is very important for us to remember.

The spider simply looked larger because of the forced perspective that was taking place here. We fully understand where the officer was coming from, though. At first, this spider looked like something out of one of the 1950s movies about giant monsters that take over cities. We are glad that the officer managed to get away without being harmed.

If you got as big of a chuckle out of this story as we did, be sure to pass it along. There is no reason why we can’t laugh along with this officer. We just hope that he doesn’t take too much offense to the chuckle that we just had at his expense. The police department was willing to share and it is nice that they are in on the joke along with the rest of us.

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