Over 3000 People Swear By This GPS Tracker For Their Pets

If you own a pet, you want to make sure that they are safe at all times. The problem is, not every pet wants to stick around and sometimes, they just like to wander. Perhaps you have experienced this with your cat or dog when you open the door and suddenly, they are gone and headed for parts unknown.

The day that our animal runs away is always a stressful time in our life. It is even more stressful when we can’t locate them and if you ever experienced this type of scare in your life, you realize that it can stick with you for a very long time. That is especially the case if you have an animal run away and never return.

Thanks to modern technology, however, you may never have to face that problem again. A convenient pet GPS tracker is now on the market and humans everywhere are singing its praises.


It is known as the Whistle 3 and it is an activity and location tracker for both cats and dogs. Not only can you use it to track your pet if they happen to escape, you could also keep an eye on what they are doing throughout the day. It’s a great way to make sure that your pet is getting the exercise they need.


“When we got our dog, Johnny, from the SPCA they told us he was a shepherd mix. It turns out that wasn’t even close. He is a black mouth cur, a breed we had never heard of and were totally unfamiliar with. He is a hunting dog and needs to run a good deal every day. We had a place where he would follow our Cane Corso and stay nearby, within sight. But when she passed away, he started going further afield, where we couldn’t see him. We began going to dog parks, which were fine for a while. But this also started to be a problem. He is almost 2 now and decided he wanted to be top dog and challenge every big dog in the place.

We were at a loss. So we decided to try the Whistle 3, which was recommended by a friend at a local rescue. It has made all the difference in the world. We now let him run free a few times a week at the original location, a combination of wooded areas, fields, and Lake Erie shoreline. We also got him an orange safety vest. Now he runs like crazy and covers an amazing amount of terrain, just like he is bred to do. When we lose sight of him, the Whistle 3 lets us know exactly where he is. Although he always comes back, it is comforting to know where he is. The Whistle 3 is everything it advertises. We would recommend it to anyone.” —Clare Fetto

Thousands of pet owners are now sleeping better at night because they know what is going on in the lives of their pets. They can even let them roam outdoors and feel good about it.


One Amazon customer wrote: “This is an amazing product! I am able to see just where my kitty is at all times. He likes to explore outside for about an hour a day, and whenever he was outside, I worried so much about him. Now, I can see just where he is at all times. Worth every penny! I LOVE IT! When I opened the package, I thought it might too big for him, but it doesn’t bother him at all.”

“App is awesome and easy to use. For the most part the GPS tracking is spot-on, but sometimes it bounces around. I use Whistle for my cat that is indoor/outdoor. It’s interesting to see all the places he goes and how far. I think to have a peace of mind knowing where your pet is at all times is worth the money. I also like knowing his activity level while he’s been out. The tracker itself could probably be smaller for cats but for the most part it doesn’t seem to bother my little boy. I’ve seen him try to pull it off maybe once or twice. I didn’t want to have the tracker fall off with the collar so I switched to collars that aren’t breakaway but still have a safety feature with a small portion of the collar being an elastic band, that way he can still escape if needed. My cat is very active and is always climbing, going out in the rain, banging the tracker against things and chasing rats and so far the tracker has survived. There are scratches and dings on the tracker but still works just fine.” —Stacey Noel

This is something that everybody with an active dog should own. If you have a dog that loves being outdoors, they will benefit from wearing this device. You will benefit as well because it gives them the opportunity to get exercise and you can keep track of where they are at all times.


“Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and the support staff are awesome! After some help from the amazing support staff, we got it operating at full capacity and all the features worked! we tested the location option and it works great. The way this feature works gives us a great sense of confidence and security. We also check the activity option every day, and now we know that Stormy, our Sheltie, is getting the right amount of exercise for his size and age. The directions are really quite simple, but the extra help was much appreciated. I highly recommend the Whistle 3 to anyone looking for a great way to keep track of your pet and its activity.” —Brituniformman

“The Whistle 3 GPS Tracker gives us peace of mind when we leave our Westie (think of Dennis the Menace) when we are away from home for a while. After the mailman brought her home one day, we decided to buy a tracker. This one is amazing. It even tracks her activity level…kinda like a doggie Fitbit!!!!” —Steve

“I purchased my Whistle 3 from Amazon about three weeks ago to keep track of my escape artist and wide-roaming Siberian husky. I live on a ranch in the mountains of very rural western Colorado where finding a fast-traveling dog is virtually impossible without a GPS tracker like the Whistle 3. A lot of thought went into designing this product. There are a lot of pet trackers that use Bluetooth, which has a very limited range (100 feet max), or if they use GPS, connect to the cellular network via 2G, which, unlike 3G, doesn’t have complete US coverage. On several occasions, I’ve tested Whistle’s location accuracy and in general it’s within about 10 to 15 feet. The app shows a shaded circle around the pet’s estimated location that gives a sense of the accuracy of the estimate. Whistle requires that you have Wi-Fi at home or where you want to designate a “safe place,” of which you can have several. When your pet is within the range of designated Wi-Fi locations, Whistle switches from GPS to Wi-Fi to save power and battery time. Oh, and for those with hunting dogs, or other water loving creatures, the unit is waterproof. All in all, this is one heck of a product.” —Flying Husky

The battery in the Whistle 3 will last up to seven days. If your pet leaves the ‘safe place’, you will be notified.


In order to set up a safe place, you need to use Wi-Fi so they can be tracked in the area. The Whistle 3 is like having a cell phone for your pet and when they leave the area of the Wi-Fi, you get alerted. It does require a subscription plan for the cellular connectivity, but at only $6.95 per month, it is a small price to pay.

The available app lets you view where they have been over the last 24 hours. You can also set activity goals and establish progress within those goals.


“It takes a while to set up, but that is the only negative I can think of. The Whistle 3 gives me complete peace of mind. If my puppy leaves the Wifi area (essentially if he leaves our yard) I instantly get a text and email notification and I can track him on the GPS app on my phone. It’s VERY accurate. The Whistle 3 is small and I only need to charge it about once a week. (If you look at the photo I uploaded, you can see it on his collar) It’s also waterproof. My puppy has jumped into mud puddles with it and I just wiped it off and he kept going. It stays on really well too. Of course my corgi is microchipped and has dog tags, but both of those require someone else to take action and return him. With this GPS, I can immediately find him if he ever gets out. The monthly service fee is $10 and they have very good customer service. I would highly, highly recommend this for any dog/ cat!” —Shannon

“I researched a lot before buying this product, also compared to all the other products that are similar out there. We have a outside cat, and our kids love the cat. We noticed she would leave for hours at a time and we were curious where she would go. The whistle GPS is such an awesome device. It notifies us when she comes and goes. When she arrives back at home, it gives us a report of where she has been. When we first got the GPS there were a few times I put on my boots and I would go out to see if I could find her. It’s so accurate, I was able to walk straight to where she was. This thing is awesome and would definitely buy again!!” —Dustin Powel

This thing is seriously amazing!


“We LOVE this product. After our skittish rescue dog got loose for three long and scary weeks (see photo), we researched dog trackers. He has had the Whistle 3 for a month now and it works great. It is easy to set up and use, holds its charge for at least one week, and has a great interface. We never want to go through what we went through again, and are happy we found the Whistle 3. Peace of mind! Highly recommend it.” —Carole

“This tracker is amazing. We had our cat stolen by a neighbor recently and have kept him indoors until we were able to get him chipped and find a tracking device. I did some research and the Whistle was ranked #1 in the article I found. I had a little trouble with the initial setup, specifically getting it connected to my Wi-Fi, but I found a help article that solved it right away. The unit is a little bulky visually for our cat, but Bijoux, our bengal, doesn’t mind it at all. Now, as far as tracking goes, this thing is AWESOME! We get to see where Bijoux goes when outside the user defined safe zone. The unit updates every six minutes by default, but you can change that to suit your needs. Plus, there is a tracker feature that lets you immediately start tracking their location and it provides a detailed route they’ve taken.When Bijoux gets home, a report of their adventure is available in the app that shows everywhere he went, how long he was gone for, and how many miles he trekked. The battery is great so far. He’s been operational for three days and we have 60% life left. And that’s with updates every three minutes and use of the instant tracking feature. This has given us so much peace of mind in such a short time.” —Christopher O. Taylor

You can purchase the Whistle 3 for $79.95. It is available in 3 colors and when you have it, you will never have to worry about the whereabouts of your pet again.

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