After 44 Years Of Marriage, Divorced Woman Gets Stunning Makeover Taking Decades Off Her Age

Divorce is simply a fact of life in modern society. Did you know that a divorce takes place in America every 13 seconds? This is a sobering statistic for anyone who is considering taking that walk down the aisle. When Vicki got divorced recently, she knew that she would need to make some changes if she was going to make it through the experience with flying colors.

Who better to call than Christopher Hopkins? He is the makeover guru and he has been helping people become the best possible version of themselves for some time now. The Makeover Guy knows how to tap into the fun and fabulous side of all his clientele. Vicki let the camera crew know that she was trying to turn back the clock a bit before re-entering the dating world.

As someone who had not been single in her entire adult life, the prospect of getting back out there was a daunting one. How would she even meet someone? Where would such a meeting even take place? Christopher knew that she was sad about her marriage ending and decided to give her a makeover from head to toe. This would cure her blues for sure.

By the time Christopher got done with her, she did not look like the same woman anymore. She came to him in tears, needing help. Before long, he had waved his magic wand and brought her back to the woman that she always knew she could be. Instead of being sad and worried, she became a confident goddess once again. The power of feeling good about oneself is tough to ignore.

We could all use a makeover sometimes. Vicki may have been struggling with the emotions that are associated with divorce but that did not stop her from doing what she needed to do in order to feel happy again. This is a lesson that we could stand to learn and implement in our lives. Looking good and feeling good are more closely intertwined than you might realize.

If you would like to see her transformation for yourself, please be sure to check out the video below. We are glad to see that Vicki is so happy again and we are sure that she is going to turn more than a few heads when she steps out. Please share her story with all of the divorcees that you know!

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