Dad Turns His Baby Into A Real-Life ‘Elf On A Shelf’ And The Results Are Adorable

Alan Lawrence is a father to six children. While most parents with this many children allow themselves to become harried and irritable, Alan enjoys all of the blessings that come with being a devoted father. The Elf on the Shelf is one of the most hilarious and beloved Christmas traditions that we have as a culture. Thanks to Alan’s awesome idea, you will never be able to look at The Elf on the Shelf in the same way ever again.

Rockwell is his youngest child. The four month old is a bundle of joy and a delight to be around. Alan decided to dress his little boy up as the Elf on the Shelf and the results are nothing less than awesome. His wife helped him to create the child’s costume and from there, he has documented the adventures of his own little elf on his That Dad Blog.

Alan got the idea from all of his friends who partake in the tradition. In his mind, there is something a bit creepy about this common household decoration. That’s why he decided to make his own tradition. His friends and family members have nothing on his Elf on the Shelf, though. His elf is able to move by itself and his elf is also far more adorable than theirs.

He has created a photo series to document the elf’s comings and goings. Luckily for us, Alan also plans to continue posting pictures of the “elf” until Christmas arrives. This gives us plenty of chances to appreciate his excellent idea. Alan is also quite skilled as a photo editor. You have probably seen his touching photo series that stars his other son, who has Down Syndrome.

As for this elf, he has already been caught getting into a wide range of mischief. He’s covered the Christmas tree in toilet paper. He’s “chugged” syrup. He’s turned the family toilet into a makeshift Christmas gift. He’s even mimicked the eating habits of Buddy the elf. Who knew that this little guy was already such a big fan of the movie Elf?

One thing is for sure, he does NOT sit on a throne of lies. He is impish and whimsical and we are loving every single of these photos. If you loved this photo set as much as we did, please be sure to pass it along to the parents in your life. They just might become inspired too!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: today BoredPanda)

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