26 Brain Challenging Optical Illusions That Will Hurt Your Brain

We tend to believe what is before our eyes but sometimes, our eyes can play tricks on us. Some pictures make us believe that something exists when it doesn’t but others may cause us to see movement when it isn’t there. That is because we see with our brain, not with our eyes. The brain is easy to trick and in this article, will make you a believer.

Scroll this picture up and down and you will see the squares move

These circles aren’t moving

These hearts are also not moving

This is not a GIF, they are motionless

These fish are stationary

Look at the green lines and move your head

Are these hearts turning?

Both of these hearts are the exact same color, red

This is not a spiral

This is also not a spiral

The two hearts on the left look like different colors but they are both as gray as the heart on the right

This is not convex

It looks as if light is coming from the center of the flower

This is just a normal coffee cup

The skin color of both girls is the same

Do you see a Chinese Temple? Move further from the screen

The letters in this picture are not tilted

These wheels are not turning

Is the square getting bigger?

The stars look like they are glittering

These shapes are both the same

Which way is the girl turning?

Don’t believe everything you see

The chessboard is not bending

The hollow face illusion

Can you see the sleeping woman?

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