The Number Of Faces You Can See In This Tree Says A lot About The Way You Think

Are you somebody that enjoys a good brainteaser? Why not try testing your cognitive abilities with this one.

These types of puzzles can increase the activity in your brain and your ability to remember things as you move through your day. They can also help you to concentrate, so it’s a win-win situation.

If you have ever had a difficulty answering a brainteaser, don’t feel too bad. They are designed to be difficult but in the end, they give your brain a workout when you do them more frequently.

This brainteaser image is known as the ‘National Leaders Tree’. How many faces can you find hidden in it?

The origin of this optical illusion is unknown but it seems to be popular when it shows up online. Most people are able to see two large illustrations at the bottom but some people have a difficult time finding all of the other hidden faces in the image.

The number of faces you see says something about your memory. Count all of them in the image and then check below to see what it has to say about your brain.

If You Saw 2-4 Faces

The first two faces are obvious so if you can only spot those or two more, you may have a memory disorder.

If You Saw 5-6 Faces

If you only see a handful of faces, your risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia may be at a higher level.

If You Saw 7-8 Faces

You have a good memory but not a great memory. Keep working on puzzles to strengthen your cognitive skills.

If You Saw 9 Faces

If you are able to see all of the faces then you have excellent facial recognition and memory skills.

This image will show you where the faces are hiding:

Do you want to test your memory and abilities even further? Why not try to name as many of the faces as you saw? You might see famous individuals such as Teddy Roosevelt, Stalin, Gandhi, and Mikhail Gorbachev.

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