50-Year-Old Woman Gets A Makeover For Her Son’s Wedding And Short Red Hair To Surprise Guests

We must admit that we are suckers for a good makeover. Lori is a perfect candidate, too. As a 50-year-old and a mother of a son who is about to walk down the aisle, she knew that she would need an awesome makeover before the big day arrived. This was also a great moment to make a change. She had spent most of her life working to help everyone else.

Now, it was time for Lori to do something for herself. She deserves to be able to invest in her own needs, right? There is only one person to turn to at moments like these. That’s right, she got into contact with The Makeover Guy himself. None other than Christopher Hopkins would be enlisted to give her the transformation that she so richly deserved.

After all, his track record more than speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Ever since he opened his initial studio in Minnesota, his reputation has spread. Those who are in search of the best possible makeovers now have the chance to do so. Once he established the Christopher Hopkins Image Center, he became something of an expert on these matters.

This status was only solidified when Oprah Winfrey had him on her show as a guest. Women everywhere look to her for recommendations on almost any decision that can be made. Of course, Hopkins’ makeovers attracted a lot of attention. Now, Lori is getting her chance to find out just how awesome the Christopher Hopkins makeover can be.

Lori decided to let him make the judgement calls here. He’s the expert and she wanted him to give her all of the advice that would allow her to look her best. Christopher was more than happy to work his signature magic on her. We are amazed at the results and you will be, too. We do not wish to spoil the makeover for our readers, though.

You are simply going to have to take a closer look for yourself. This woman may be an ordinary grandmother but thanks to the help of Christopher, she is now going to be one of the most sophisticated ladies that you have ever seen. Turning 50 is all about finding new and interesting ways to reinvent yourself. Lori is definitely one step ahead of the game when it comes to that! Be sure to pass this adorable clip along!

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