6-Year-Old Dresses Up For Dance With ‘Beast,’ But Doesn’t Know Navy Dad Is Behind The Mask

If you have a little girl in your life (or if you remember being a little girl), you realize how important it is to feel like a princess sometimes. That is how Morgan Richards feels. The 6-year-old girl was about to get a wonderful surprise when she was dressed like a princess. She chose Belle from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast and she really looked the part.

Morgan was really excited when they told her she would be dressed up for the dance. The thing is, she didn’t know who her dance partner was under the ‘Beast’ mask.

After they danced together, the mask came off and that is when Morgan got her real surprise. Her dad, Brandon was the person underneath. Brandon is in the navy and was deployed in the Pacific for 6 months. He wanted to give his daughter a special surprise when he came home.

The dance was so sweet that it is hard to imagine anything sweeter. Then again, once you see the look on her face, it will melt your heart. Her mother, Elizabeth said that they often try to do something special when Brandon comes home. “You can’t really bank on when they’re coming home, on the exact time of day, so really, the element of surprise always has to be there,” she explained.

Brandon is building up memories that will last for a lifetime. He wants to make up for all of the moments he misses. “It’s just a surreal feeling; to do something that they can remember like this is awesome,” he said. “Just to have that experience, it means a lot.”

Watch the video and you will see just how sweet she is:

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