60-Year-Old Woman Gets Such A Drastic Makeover That Even Her Daughter Does A Double Take

Birthday gifts are a great way to make someone you care about feel special. This is exactly what Kim’s family did for her, for her 60th birthday. They gifted her something she’s been wanting for a while: a makeover with Chris, the MakeOverGuy.

A few years ago, Kim had mentioned to her daughter how wonderful it would be if she got made over by the MakeOverGuy, but at that point it in time, it was just a day dream. However, she was completely unaware that her family was secretly making that dream come true for her. Everyone, including her husband, his son Chad, and Chad’s wife Megan, plus her daughter and son-in-law, were conspiring on how to uniquely reveal to Kim her most wanted birthday surprise.

They came up with a simple but effective method. On Kim’s birthday, the entire family gave her cards with clues every half hour. By the end, it was revealed that she would be a guest on MakeOverGuy’s show to get dramatically made over. She was beyond thrilled.

Her transformation went pretty smoothly as well. While Kim’s naturally wavy hair was quite long and well-kept, it did nothing to frame her face or her personality, So Chris opted for a more fun and flirty look. He went shorter, which made it look fuller and more voluminous. He even added more curls to her hair for an added effect. It was stunning.

And her make up came out beautiful as well. It was subtle but with a hint of color added to her lids, and some flushed cheeks, she looked much younger. And a bit of mascara pulled everything together. She looked absolutely stunning, and so very pleased with the results.

Her family’s reaction was priceless as well. They were speechless at seeing her drastic change, that all they were able to do was smile and stare at Kim in disbelief.

It’s clear that her family nailed it in the gift department for Kim’s 60th. Sometimes the best gift a person can receive is something that makes them feel totally good about themselves, and is able to bring them out of the rut of how they view themselves. It’s obvious that her family’s gift of the makeover is exactly what she needed to give her that extra boost of confidence, and probably a fresh look on life. Happy birthday Kim!

Check out the video below of Kim’s full makeover. Her reaction is heartwarming.

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