Cool Whip Releases New Flavor That You’ll Be Eating It Straight Out Of The Tub

Nothing completes a slice of pie or cake quite as nicely as a big ol’ dollop of Cool Whip. The iconic treat is as “American” as its apple pie counterpart, and also tastes just as good on its own. 

Now if you’re like me who usually helps herself to a spoonful or two straight from the tub – even after I’ve ladled it onto my dessert, then you’ll get excited for the news. Cool Whip is releasing a brand new flavor: birthday cake. 

So now you can forget about dessert entirely and just eat it straight from the tub on its own. We won’t judge. And like any birthday cake, the new Cool Whip flavor will come with rainbow sprinkles already in the mixture. 

While Kraft Heinz has not given the official release date for the new product yet, there have already been a number of photos of the new flavor popping up on various Instagram accounts. Hopefully you might get lucky and stumble upon it in your local grocery store. 

The new birthday cake flavor has even received an Insta-review which has described it as 10 out of 10, and “not lacking in flavor“.

So why not live every day like it’s your birthday?

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