Cop Goes Above And Beyond For A Lonely Little Coyote Puppy

In a world that is filled with stories about cops who abuse their power, it is great to see someone who is willing to protect AND serve. The Massachusetts State Police officer who recently came to the aid of a defenseless animal definitely falls into the latter category. A young coyote pup had somehow found their way onto a crowded roadway.

The animal was stranded. Their mother was not going to be found anytime soon. Carlo Mastromattei is the trooper who was on the scene. He wanted to make sure that the coyote pup received the help they needed. Ocean View Kennels owner Lisa Cutting was contacted by the officer. He was asking for the necessary advice. Removing an animal from this sort of a predicament is not as easy as it looks.

The coyote pup was removed from the truly dangerous area but they were not out of the woods yet. The officer could not receive the necessary help because many of the wildlife facilities were already closed for the evening. The trooper did not want anything to happen to the coyote pup overnight. He was willing to go above and beyond to make sure that the animal was okay.

There are not many people out there who would be this selfless. Wild animals do not always receive this type of assistance. Carlo brought the coyote pup home with him. He and his girlfriend monitored the animal throughout the night. In the morning, the coyote was taken to the good folks at Tufts Wildlife Clinic. The animal was still in perfect health.

Carlo’s fast thinking had saved the animal from a far worse fate. If not for his assistance, we shudder to think of what might have been. A wildlife rehabilitator is now taking care of the coyote pup, to make sure that they are ready to return to the wild. Once he regains his strength, he will be given the chance to rejoin all of his old friends.

The Massachusetts State Police is proud of Carlo and his girlfriend. For their efforts, those involved in the pup’s rescue are getting some much-deserved praise from police officials, who wrote in a post:

“The Department offers its sincere thanks to Trooper Mastromattei, his girlfriend, Ocean View Kennels, and Tufts for their compassionate care for this beautiful little creature.”

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