Rooster Shows Up At Auto Shop One Day And Decides He Works There Now

It was a regular summer day for these North Carolina residents when a rooster wandered into a local auto garage. The good folks at R and R Garage were more than happy to see this fellow, though. The animal was happy to be there as well. They had no plans of asking him to leave. From the looks of it, the rooster did not have anywhere to go either. They gave him some food to eat and decided to wait it out.

The garage workers took a long weekend off soon after. They assumed that the rooster would be long gone by the time they returned. Little did they know, the rooster had other ideas! They gave him a new name: Earl. As you may have expected, Earl has since become a fixture at this location. He spends his days at the shop and sleeps in a nearby tree at night.

When the weather is inclement, the workers make sure that Earl is safe and sound. He loves to greet his fellow employees when they come in for work each day. The rooster has also fallen into a lovable routine. He does not spend his time lazing around. Earl is sure to earn his keep. When the first employee arrives for work, Earl springs into action.

He has decided that it is his job to remove any and all spiders and bugs from the premises. Earl’s searches are very thorough. Joe Gallo is the garage’s co-owner. He says that the rooster is sure to get “under all the toolboxes and workbenches”. If any bugs are around, Earl makes sure that they are removed in as timely of a manner as possible.

Earl then spends the rest of his days palling around with the rest of the employees. The rooster carries himself as if he were just one of the guys. To be fair, that is not that far from the truth. Loud noises do not faze him and the sounds of people walking around do not scare him either. This is one rooster who is made for the life of a garage attendant.

He might get in the way sometimes but these workers still love their rooster mascot all the same. The rooster has even become something of a local celebrity in the process. This is one of the most hilarious things that we have ever seen. We will need to make sure that we stop in at this garage sometime soon. If you are anything like us, you have probably already added this location to your bucket list.

h/t: TheDodo

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