7 reasons why intelligent people feel lonelier than others

Those who are truly intelligent view the world in a different way. They feel emotions in a manner that few can understand. In some ways, intelligence can even become a burden. Loneliness comes in a number of different varieties and intellectual loneliness is all too common. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why smart people feel a sense of loneliness.


Intelligent people tend to get bored far more easily. They need constant access to new thoughts. The manner in which they process information is much faster than everyone else. Running out of new ideas can also cause them to feel annoyed.


Those who are intelligent also tend to value their private time more than those who are less intelligent. Their daily lives are filled with disturbances and distractions and they need a break from them. This causes smart people to impose loneliness upon themselves from time to time.


It is not that uncommon to hear an intelligent people referred to as “eccentric” for the way that they choose to live their life. These idiosyncrasies are not always tolerable to the outside world. It can take a lot of effort for others to keep up with their various whims.


Intelligent people instinctively know who understands them and they are always seeking each other out. When they cannot find people who have a similar level of intelligence to spend time with, they will often stick to themselves. This can cause feelings of loneliness.


There are few things that intelligent people hate more than wasting time. They know that time is a resource that is not renewable and they look to get the most out of their days. Small talk is not enjoyable to them and they would prefer not to mince words when meeting new people. This can be off putting to some.


Expressing oneself is a key aspect of making connections and intelligent people do not always do well with these types of conversations. Finding a partner becomes difficult for them. An inability to express an idea may even give someone else the wrong idea about their intentions.


Emotional intelligence is also part of the equation when it comes to discussing the loneliness that intelligent people feel. Since they understand the emotions of others, they expect others to understand theirs. If they cannot, smart people tend to recede from the situation as a result.

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