Adorable Service Takes Dogs To Daycare In Yellow School Bus

If you have a furry family member you know that most times we spare no expense for the things they “need”. They are a part of the family and we want them to be happy.

Good Hand Boarding Kennel in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia was inspired by the love we have for our pets. The staff goes above and beyond for their canine students. They even have a bus that goes door to door to pick up their clients. Braving the crisp Canadian winters to me is going over and above what I would expect. The pick up is one of a kind and people are noticing. When this was caught on video it went viral mostly because it’s adorable!

Every day, when the bus driver makes his rounds and he stops outside of the daycare customers’ home. They give a little honk of the horn and get out to help the furry travelers into the bus.

All types of weather, all temperatures, and year-round the Good Hands bus chug away through the town. Some of the dogs are seen getting on the bus with a backpack full of their daily necessities.

This seems like it would be a great reason to send your dog to Good Hands but customers say this is only one of the many reasons, the facility itself is what keeps them blissfully happy.

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