75-Year-Old Man Fights Off Alligator To Save His Dog’s Life

We often hear stories about the level of loyalty that dogs have towards their humans. This is the tale of a man who was determined to display his loyalty for his dog. Stories like this one truly touch our hearts. Anyone who would lay their life down for their pet is sure to relate to this one, we’re sure. When Jody Ackerman left for a vacation, she placed her dog in the care of her dear old dad.

Osi loves her father very much. He and Buddy are the best of friends. Jody left the dog at her father’s Florida home and thought nothing of it. Little did she know what was going to happen next. Osi and Buddy started off their time together by taking plenty of walks. Buddy has a pond outside of his home and decided to take the dog there one morning for a stroll.

It was dark at the time, so Buddy could not see what was taking place. Osi decided that he was going to do his morning business by the pond. This is what disaster struck. Buddy saw the water start to ripple and knew that the dog was in big trouble. He compared it to an explosion. A massive alligator lunged out of the pond to attack poor Osi.

Osi did not know what had hit him. Just imagine how scared you would be if an eight foot alligator jumped out of the pond like this. The gator snagged the dog’s backside and he whimpered in pain. Buddy was not going to stand idly by and let any harm come to his good friend. The man found himself in one of the most frightening tugs of war that a person could ever possibly experience.

This was quite literally a life or death situation. After a couple of strong kicks to the snout, the gator was finally willing to let go of Osi. We cannot imagine the level of bravery that this man displayed. He was willing to go toe to toe with an eight foot alligator, all in the name of saving Osi. Fortunately, the dog was not severely injured during this bizarre encounter.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Services was contacted and they were able to safely relocate the gator. Buddy let his daughter know about what had taken place. She was just happy to hear that the both of them were okay. So are we, to be quite honest. Please check out the video below if you’d like to learn more about Osi and Buddy.

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