Lion Cub Hugs His Dad In Scene Straight Out Of The Lion King

Now that the live-action remake is about to be released, moviegoers everywhere are purchasing their opening night tickets. As it turns out, there are some animals who are excited about the film as well. Lions are some of the most majestic creatures known to man. They have the ability to hunt for their own food. They also have an incredible amount of loyalty towards their friends and loved ones.

Lion prides always stick together. They do not allow anyone else to come between them. These photos were taken in the Masai Mara. The father lion was in the process of giving his song a hug. Fortunately, this moment was captured in time. The scene is just too cute. It looks like a scene from the aforementioned remake. The only thing that is missing is the voice of James Earl Jones.

This national park is located in Kenya, Africa. The lions are given the chance to enjoy the wilderness without experiencing unwanted human interference. Tourist safaris fund the park but these people are kept away from the animals as much as possible. Sabine Bernert was visiting from Paris and she is the woman who just so happened to catch this wonderful shot.

Sabine was not taking photos for the mere sake of doing so, either. Once you see this photo for yourself, you will be awed. These lions are just like the cats that we know and love. They may be bigger and stronger but they are able to express their love for their cubs in the same way. “The lion pretended he hadn’t seen the cubs until the last second,” said Sabine.

Once the lion stopped teasing their cub, the two began to play with one another. The contrast between the two is amazing. The big, powerful lion using his size and strength to wrap up the tiny cub is giving us chills. This is one of the most powerful photos that we ever had the privilege of witnessing. Kudos to Sabine for being ready to capture this shot.

It is not every day that we get to see lions in their natural habitat like this. We look forward to checking out Sabine’s book once it is released. Please take a moment to share this amazing story with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible. You do not have to be a Lion King fan to appreciate this one, that is for sure.

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