Deployed Dad Sends His “Stinky” Shirt From Overseas And Dog Has Adorable Freakout

Brindle was a dog who was struggling to find his place in the world until he had the chance to meet Rachel and JD. This husband and wife took him in and offered him a better life. The couple saved him from shelter life. He was beyond grateful to them for their efforts. They also have another dog by the name of Xander. While Xander and Rachel are best pals, JD has a closer bond with Brindle.

When JD was deployed overseas, Brindle did not do well with it. He missed his dad terribly. He was gone for a year and the family missed him, too. However, their sadness could not hold a candle to Brindle’s.

He was a mess without his dear old dad. “He’s so sad without him here,” said his mother when she spoke about the situation a few months back.

We can’t blame him. Dogs do not know that their owners are safe and sound elsewhere. In their minds, the owners are totally gone and there is nothing left to do. According to Rachel, the dog would just sit in the window and cry. JD was sad to learn about his dog’s despondent behavior. That’s when he came up with an incredible idea that would serve as a true game-changer.

If he could not be there in person, he could provide the dog with the next best thing. Once he came up with a brilliant idea, he sifted through all of his clothes until he found the perfect item to send his dog.

He was going to ship an unwashed shirt to the family so that the dog could still enjoy his scent! Rachel gave the dog the shirt as soon as it arrived.

It did not take long for the dog to realize that the scent belonged to JD. The freak out that took place shortly thereafter was one for the ages. The sad, sullen dog reverted back to his usual form.

The scent made him happy once again. Rachel was crying when she recorded the dog’s reaction to the thoughtful gift. It felt so good to see him happy again.

Brindle was not going to let the shirt out of his sight, either. The shirt went everywhere with him after that. He would even sleep with it. We are happy to report that JD came home for good shortly after the shirt was sent. The family enjoyed a true reunion at this time. We wish them all of the best! Please share this touching story with your friends and loved ones.

Posted by Rach Aument on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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