75-Year-Old Volunteers To Nap With Cats At His Local Animal Shelter Every Day

As anyone who has ever had the chance to cuddle up with their pet for a nap can tell you, it is one of the most restful sleeps that you are ever going to have in your life. Terry Lauerman gets to enjoy this experience on an everyday basis. There is only one catch that we need to report, though. The cats that he is napping with are not actually his own!

The Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary needs cuddle buddies and Terry is more than happy to oblige. The Green Bay sanctuary has been put into place to assist animals who struggle with disabilities. When the sanctuary decided to take some photos of Terry and his pals mid snooze, they immediately went viral. How could you not want to share these photos with as wide of an audience as possible?

We are so lucky to have a human like Terry. Terry just came along one day and introduced himself. He said he'd like to…

Posted by Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc. on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We fully understand where they were coming from, to be perfectly honest. Look at how cute Terry and his animal friends are when they are all cuddled up together. The sanctuary does not take Terry’s efforts for granted either. They are more than happy that he comes by each day to nap with their cats and they are highly appreciative of his efforts.

Cats like these simply need a little bit of love and Terry is able to provide it in spades. It all started when Terry came by and said that he would like to brush the cats. From there, their relationship blossomed. While Terry has now received some viral attention, he does not want any of the spoils that come with fame. He is merely in it to help the cats.

I’m following Paula around – the woman Terry credits as “The Cat Grandma.” He says, she deserves just as much credit as him! She has deemed herself the “Safe Haven Complaint Department”, she says the cats tell her ALL of their complaints so she can fix them! ???? She also spends time knitting cat blankets, and beads jewelry to sell for the kitties. Her other nickname is Potty Mouth Paula, so lets hope she keeps it clean for the Facebook world. ???? We have truly come across the best people! Paula knocked on the door one day to ask if she could help us sweep, and a year later she’s still here every single day.❤️????

Posted by Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc. on Friday, September 21, 2018

We wish the world was full of more selfless people like him. The planet would be better off with more folks like Terry. He is quick to distribute the credit to all of the other volunteers who work tirelessly on an everyday basis to provide these awesome cats with the love that they need. Paula, who is considered to be the cat’s grandmother, is getting a shout out as well!

That’s the way that Terry would have wanted it. His behavior is selfless and exemplary. Did you know that there are plenty of other cats out there who are in need of cuddles? We are so happy to see these volunteers stepping up to the plate. Be sure to share their exploits with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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