Man Steps Outside And Dog “Follows” Him Around His House

While there are some who are skeptical of larger breeds of dog, there are also those who know better. They may seem scary to some but these gentle beasts do not wish to hurt a fly. All they want is some love and in return, they provide us with the sort of loyalty that we simply cannot find anywhere else. This sounds a lot like the story of Mike and his pit bull Maddie.

Pit bulls definitely get the short end of the stick from a reputation standpoint. When Mike captured some hilarious home footage that showed the lengths that Maddie was willing to go in order to protect him, he could not resist sharing. This is one pit bull that is looking to eliminate all of the unnecessary stereotypes that surround these animals. Maddie goes above and beyond for her owner!

When it comes to keeping criminals at bay, having a dog like Maddie who watches out for her dad every time he goes out is a major boost. As it turns out, the average criminal tends to look for a larger dog when they are casing the joint. The smaller animals don’t seem to strike as much fear in their heart for some reason. This is totally understandable.

As a result of this fear, Maddie is more than able to earn her keep. Dogs like her are considered to be a deal breaker for the average criminal. Some might not believe that their dogs serve as a true deterrent but according to the results of a scofflaw poll that recently took place, this is certainly the furthest thing from the truth.

Shout out to Maddie for all of the help that she is willing to provide to her dad. No one is ever going to mess with their home if she has anything to say about it, that is for sure. She is the biggest sweetheart in the world to the ones she loves but if you are someone who exists outside of that small circle? Tough luck for you, we suppose. Better luck next time, would be criminals. Try someone else.

It would be nice if we lived in a world where criminals didn’t try anyone at all but in the meantime, having a good guard dog certainly never hurt anyone. Please be sure to share this hilarious display of loyalty with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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