Terrified Dog Abandoned During Hurricane Has Emotional Reaction To Seeing Rescuers Arrive

When tropical storms and hurricanes take place, they can have severe effects that are felt for months afterwards. We all see the clean up efforts on television and believe that everything is all better. We do not see the misplaced animals who are forced to fend for themselves. Thousands of chickens, turkeys and pigs passed away when their barns were flooded and the owners fled.

One lucky pup was able to escape such a fate. The dog was found by a rescue team. PETA staffers found the dog inside of an abandoned home. He was trapped outside on the porch at the time. He did not seem to know why his owners had chosen to leave him behind. However, the loyal dog was willing to wait as long as it looks for his loved ones to return to the homestead.

Sights like these are far too common when storms like these occur. When the dog is first found, the animal is clearly afraid. Once he finally gets the chance to make eye contact with the rescuers, his whole demeanor shifts. It is as if he instinctively knows that help is on the way. This is one of the most heartwarming moments that has come out of the hurricane coverage.

It is good to know that some people care enough to assist all of the dogs that are left behind in the haste to evacuate. The rescuers also shared the video of this awesome rescue on their Facebook page so that the rest of us would have a chance to see it for ourselves. Anyone who has ever been stranded and had help arrive can definitely relate to a story like this one.

No one deserves to experience such a fate and we are beyond happy to see this dog get a well deserved second chance. The poor animal must have been absolutely terrified. Imagine being stuck inside of a house that is slowly filling up with water and knowing that you have no way out. For those who are wondering what became of the dog after the video stopped rolling, wonder no more.

The animal was brought into a staging area. From there, he was taken to a local animal shelter in hopes of finding a much needed forever home. With any luck, the animal will find a brand new home before too much time passes. Please share this story so that we can spread awareness about this dog’s plight!

This Abandoned Dog Was Rescued off a Porch in North Carolina

RESCUED! PETA's rescue team spotted this scared and abandoned dog in Lumberton, North Carolina on the porch of a flooded home with no way to escape the rising #HurricaneFlorence flood waters and were able to bring him to safety ❤️

Posted by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on Monday, September 17, 2018

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