76-year-old woman gets a dramatic makeover and can’t recognize herself afterward

Life experiences, both good and bad, are something that can affect a person’s well-being, perspective, and outlook. At times, if thing like stress get too much for a person to handle, it can cause people to withdraw and possibly even become ill, as the case for 76-year-old Phoebe. Her decision to move from Vermont, where she had lived for forty-nine years, was a major change that she described as “devastating”. This was followed by another even more devastating blow when she lost her son. 

Both stressful events, added onto her age and took their toll on her appearance. After watching makeover videos, she was inspired to pay a visit to Christopher Jon Hopkins, who is also known as the Makeover Guy. She was impressed by the results of all the other women he’d made over, so she wanted to try one herself. 

The video begins with Phoebe before her makeover. As it progresses she is shown to have a new haircut and color, as well as lighter clothes and no glasses. Over all she looks much happier as well. In fact, she herself comments on how rejuvenated she feels.

“I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. I’m living day by day really and coping with a new way of life.”

Her statement about living one day at a time in a new life is a testament to how a simple change can also impact someone’s attitude and make it more positive. Overall her makeover seems to have boosted her self-confidence, which has helped her change her perception of life for the better. We’re so happy for you Phoebe! 

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