People Are Getting Their Cats Groomed To Look Like Dinosaurs

There are some really bizarre trends out there at the minute. If you were to search Instagram you’d be certain to come across things like the “tiny hand and feet manicures” or “asymmetrical jeans”. But recently there’s a trend that has come out of Maha Sarakham, Thailand which involves people cutting their cats’ hair in order to make them look like little dinosaurs. 

The trend has since made it to the shores of the US, with one groomer posting, “This is a TBT Dino cut I did a while back in my AJ salon. Jax belongs to the salon manager, he is a good boy to groom.”

Surprisingly, all the cats look like they’re ok with the situation they are in, perhaps because they don’t know what is going on. Or perhaps because they can’t see themselves in a mirror.

A salon in California, Bath and Furry Works, posted before and afters of one cat, Billie, who was a victim of the dino-cut.

Another salon in Washington, Happy Pooch Spa, has also gotten behind the trend, posting photos of a Halloween look for a kitty named Laker.

One groomer on Instragram wrote, “Still learning to do this Dino/dragon thing but turned out pretty good.”

Abbotsford Dog and Cat Grooming, a pet salon based in Canada, also seems to be getting into the dino-cuts by giving their own interpretation of creativity.

What do you think of this weird trend? Would you make your cat get a dino-cut?

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