78-Year-Old Woman Gives Herself A Sultry Makeover And Shaves Years Off Her Life

The aging process is a part of life that none of us can escape. Just because we have to deal with it, however, doesn’t mean we have to go down in flames. There are things we can do to help ourselves feel better and look better, and makeup is at the top of the list.

Joann Hopkins is the mother of Christopher Hopkins, AKA The MakeOverGuy. She understands that the proper use of makeup can make all the difference and she often continues to wear it all night long.

Her makeup ritual is to sleep all night in her makeup and clean it off in the morning. She would then apply the makeup fresh for the new day. Joann wears her makeup to bed because she wants to continue to look good for her loved ones.

Experts say that sleeping in your makeup can cause skin problems. It can clog the pores and lead to acne. It might also contribute to aging skin, with the skin not being able to repair itself quickly enough.

Joann does not seem to have those problems, in fact, you can tell she is aging quite well.

She loves wearing makeup and even at her age, her skin does well. If someone should happen to give her a hard time about wearing makeup, she doesn’t care. She realizes that it is important to do the things you love and not to bow to everyone else’s wishes.

Along with her nice skin, she is also quite skilled at putting on her makeup. She applies it like a pro and even though she has some imperfections, she is able to overcome them with the use of makeup. Even her eyebrows look wonderful.

The MakeOverGuy says:

“This is what I watched every day growing up and it still fascinates me. You can tell where I get my inspiration. I will always see her as she appears after.”

Parents can have a huge impact on their children but that impact is not always positive. We’re sure Christopher is happy that his mother gave a very positive experience that guided him in life.

Watch what his mom does with makeup here:

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