Meet Toad, The Dog With A Mouth And Teeth In Her Ear

We all think that dogs are very cute, right? This is not the sort of argument that will get a lot of push back. Even when our dogs make messes in the house or have accidents or destroy items that we hold dear, it can be hard to stay mad at them. There are some dogs who remain cute, even when they have birth defects that cause them to stand out.

Toad is just such a dog. This pup was born differently from all the others. Can you believe that he actually has a mouth inside of her ear? This ear salivates and is chock full of teeth. The original owner of this dog wanted nothing to do with him. He was foisted onto an animal shelter in Oklahoma and no one was expecting him to find a forever home to call his own.

His prognosis was certainly grim when she first arrived. No one knew quite what to make of this girl. Heather Hernandez would soon step in. She decided that Toad would make a great pet. She recognized how special he was. At first, the poor dog was very aggressive. Toad did not know how to live with a mouth inside of his ear. He was very confused by what was taking place.

Heather recognized this fact and was willing to work with him. There are not many people out there who would have been able to step up like this. The mouth inside of his ear causes every other aspect of his head to be misaligned. It has been a long, hard road for Toad. Mutt Misfits is responsible for uniting Heather and Toad. There simply aren’t many organizations who assist special needs animals.

That is what makes this story such a special one. Heather is here to help the sick and injured dog and Toad is finally receiving the assistance that he needs. There is no reason for a dog this kind to remain homeless. Kudos to Mutt Misfits and Heather for being willing to go the extra mile when so many others would not. An animal does not need a perfect face to be the perfect pet.

Please share this story with your closest friends and loved ones to raise awareness about the plight of the special needs animals out there. Hopefully, more prospective pet parents are willing to let a special needs animal into their hearts in the future.

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