People Can’t Get Enough Of This Dog Casually Strolling An Agility Course During Dog Show

As anyone who regularly watches the Westminster Dog Show knows, there is far more to the competition than the mere dressing up of dogs. These animals are subjected to a wide range of competition. It is not just about being prim and proper. The dogs are expected to complete tests that are designed to measure their level of agility and speed. Having quick and clean runs is crucial to success.

This is what every owner aims for. However, there are some dogs who may not be as willing to fulfill such requests. Maybe the dog does not care if they win? Perhaps they have more pressing obligations? Either way, an owner’s best efforts are often dashed if they have a pup who is not particularly interested in joining the winner’s circle. Take this dog, for instance.

Our pal here could not care less about wins and losses. He is a man after our own hearts. Winky is a Bichon Frise. While most owners would want their dogs to complete the course within the 30 seconds that is allotted, this dog was a man with his own plan. Winky decided that he was going to use his time in the spotlight for far more important pursuits.

He wanted to soak up all of the love from the crowd instead. We cannot say that we blame him, to be perfectly honest. Winky played in the ring for over a minute instead. Judging from his facial expression, he is the clear winner here. Of course, he went viral right away as well. Who doesn’t love to watch cute dogs breaking all of the rules?

When the dog show committee shared a tweet of his “run” through the course, the likes and retweets piled up quickly. The penalties that he was racking up did not mean much to him. He even took some dramatic pauses along the way that had us roaring with laughter!

This is one clip that you will definitely want to share with the dog lovers in your life. We also view this clip as a crucial lesson. If we ever have all eyes on us, it is time to soak up the love. He may have won if he completed the course in 40 seconds but he never would have made his way into our hearts like this. At the end of the day, isn’t that what it is all about?

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