Pit Bull Can’t Stop Smiling Since She Was Rescued

Shortcake is one of the most adorable pitbulls that you are ever going to meet. She has the type of smile that lights up any room that she sets foot in. While she might be happy now, this old girl has not always been this full of sunshine. When she was first found almost three years ago, she was in bad shape. Shortcake had severe mange and a hernia as well.

Once she was taken to the local shelter, she was given the chance to receive assistance from the good folks at Fresno Bully Rescue. The animal got the treatment that she needed and was then placed up for adoption. Amy Matsushima caught one glimpse of the dog and fell head over heels. She knew that the animal was not in great shape but still wanted to help.

Amy and Shortcake would soon make each other’s acquaintance. The two became fast friends. The pup would soon head out to Los Angeles and they began their new life together. The dog began to grin as soon as she arrived. It was as if she knew what she had escaped and how lucky she was to have such an awesome mom. Shortcake and Amy have remained close.

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Wait for it. Shortcake going in for the cheese with cousin ????????

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In fact, Shortcake has recently turned four. She cuddles with Amy all of the time. Plus, they always make time for lots of adventures. Shortcake is a friend to children, loves trips to the beach and is an all around great pal to have. Her Instagram page is a must follow for those who want to see more cute photos of her going forward.

Amy is more than happy to share! As the photos began to circulate, the dog’s pure joy came across to the world. Who could possibly look at that face and not smile, too? There are no shortage of great dogs like Shortcake. They are found at all of the rescue facilities around the world. Can you believe that she even grins during bath time?

Shortcake is also destroying the stereotypes that surround pitbulls. Many believe that they are inherently angry animals who are looking for trouble. Be sure to share the story of Shortcake with your closest friends and loved ones. It is time to dispel this myth and let the world know more about just how lovable these animals can be. Please do not hesitate to pass this very important story along as soon as possible!

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