Man Brings Senior Homeless Dog To The Pet Store And Buys Him Everything He Touches

King has had a more difficult life than the average dog. He is 12 years of age and has spent much of his existence living on the streets. Unfortunately, the animal was left hobbled when he was recently struck by a car. His front leg was lost as a result of the accident. He received the necessary surgery. From there, the rescue group Marley’s Mutts stepped up to the plate.

While they tried their best to find a home for the pup, they knew that King was going to have a rough go of it. No one wanted to adopt a senior dog. Months went by and no one was willing to take him home. Rocky Kanaka is a television host who heard about the dog’s plight. He decided that he wanted to help the animal out. He hosts a show entitled Dog’s Day Out.

Shelter dogs are taken out and shown the finer things in life. Rocky loves to show these animals a good time and his viewers are often inspired by their stories. Because of his show, a wide range of animals have been given the chance to find a proper home. When it was King’s turn, Rocky decided that he would take the homeless dog on a major shopping spree.

Whatever King touched, Rocky would buy for him. He said that the only item in the pet store that would be off limits was a hamster! King had a great time. As you might have guessed, the first item that King picked out was an obvious one: a massive bag of dog food. Once the food was taken care of, he decided to take the animal into the toy section of the pet store.

King got a toy rope, a dinosaur, a rawhide bone and a giant ball. The dog even got his own Nerf gun. King surprised Rocky by picking out a cat tree as well. Once the shopping spree had concluded, King had a cart full of new toys and plenty of food to eat. His tail wagged with delight as he chose his gifts.

Once Rocky posted the clip of the doggy shopping spree, he received word about a woman who was looking to adopt him. King was taken on a second shopping spree. King’s new mother was thrilled to have him and if you would like to see her first meeting with Rocky, be sure to check out the awesome clip. His life hasn’t been easy but his new mother is going to keep him safe and sound going forward.

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