Abandoned Dog Waits For 5 Days In Freezing Park Hoping Her Family Will Return

“Ever wonder what a dog dumped by their owners does?” is a question that is not asked enough. Janine Guido asked this question rhetorically recently. As an experienced dog rescuer, she has been through a lot and seen even more. This story began in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Local residents were heartbroken when they saw a dog that had been abandoned at a park.

Carla made the Dodo ????

Posted by Speranza Animal Rescue on Saturday, January 20, 2018

They soon realized that she was all alone in the world. She did not have anywhere to go but she seemed to be waiting for someone to come back for her. This is the reality for abandoned dogs. They do not have the ability to process what has taken place. In their minds, this is all a big lark and their owners will eventually come back for them before it is too late.

Walking dogs at 6 am in 15 degree weather… Oh. What. Fun. ????????

Posted by Janine Guido on Saturday, December 10, 2016

Unfortunately, there are a wide range of dogs who wander aimlessly until they are euthanized. There are not many happy endings when it comes to stories like these. Owners who leave their dogs behind do not have the chance to see what happens once they have decided to drive away. This poor pooch was left out in the snowy cold and had absolutely nowhere to go.

She's safe! Got her about 45 mins ago. (Details in live video below) She is currently at the vet being checked out….

Posted by Speranza Animal Rescue on Thursday, January 18, 2018

As Speranza Animal Rescue’s founder, Janine was uniquely equipped to handle the situation. Locals did not readily recognize the dog and so they were unsure about what to do. The dog did not want to go with her, either. She was quite shy. She probably expected her owner to come back any minute. Little did she know that she had been abandoned forever by someone who could not care less.

Update on Carla. She went to her foster home last night . She received a much needed bath – and a nice roast beef…

Posted by Speranza Animal Rescue on Friday, January 19, 2018

She’s now named Carla. Janine struggled to win her trust initially. The dog would accept some feedings but she was not going to go with the stranger. She did not realize that Janine had her best interests at heart all along. There were too many people around and she was getting scared. Finally, Carla was able to snatch her up and put her in the car.

All of her efforts changed the dog’s life for good. She has been placed with a loving foster family and even been taken to the vet. The senior dog may not have had anywhere to go but now she’s got the perfect home. We wish her all of the best going forward. Kudos to Janine for sticking with it and doing everything that she could to help a dog in need.

Carla enjoying a weekend stroll with her foster siblings ????

Posted by Speranza Animal Rescue on Saturday, January 20, 2018

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