Woman Finds Box Left Outside In The Cold With Saddest Note And Poor Animal Inside

Kylie McCloskey works at a New York PetSmart. She was enjoying a normal day just like any other when a strange event occurred. A customer came into the store and called her attention to an odd looking box that was sitting outside of the establishment. When Kylie went to go check it out, her heart was immediately filled with an anger that she does not often feel.

The box was sitting by a trash can. There was clearly a live animal inside of it. The person who left the box also left a note on the outside. They claimed that they contacted all of the proper authorities and that no one was willing to help. We are skeptical about this aspect of this story, to be honest. However, Kylie decided to open the box to find out more.

What she found inside was a live rabbit. Someone had abandoned this animal without a care in the world. Kylie instantly scooped up the frightened animal and brought her indoors. At this time, she knew that the rabbit was going to become a part of her family. She contacted her boyfriend so that he could come to pick up the rabbit and take her back to their home.

The couple decided that they would name the rabbit Mooloo. The poor rabbit took some time to warm up to them, though. She was understandably frightened and did not want to move from her box. After spending a few minutes in their house, she realized that they were not there to hurt her. She remained shy but slowly started to come out of her shell.

Mooloo has a hearty appetite and she is quite playful as well. The rabbit can be a sensitive creature but they tend to enjoy spending indoors. They are a lot like cats and dogs in that way. Rabbits are also affectionate by nature. Mooloo loves to give her owners lots of kisses and nuzzles. She has a family to call her own now and will never be left outside in the frigid winter weather again.

This rabbit even likes to spend time with Kylie’s dog and cat. She is a sweet animal and we are glad to see that she has received a second chance at life. If you would like to help other rabbits like Mooloo who are in need of a new home, be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones.

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