Dog Left At Shelter With His Bed And All His Toys Doesn’t Understand What He’s Done Wrong

When little Wall-E was adopted after a stay at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control back in 2015, he thought that he had found a forever home to call his own. His new family promised to take care of him and they brought him plenty of toys. Sadly, this situation did not last. Wall-E found himself looking for a new home out of nowhere recently when this family cast him aside.

His owner cried as they said goodbye to their old friend and Wall-E was confused as to why he was being driven back to the shelter. Wall-E did not know what was going on. All he knew was that he was being left all alone again. The poor dog was not being surrendered through any fault of his own. The family simply did not have enough time to spend with him.

Once he arrived at the kennel, Wall-E was understandably terrified. The poor dog spent most of his days barking at the other animals. He was in a makeshift prison, especially compared to his old life. He no longer had access to his toys or any of his other possessions. Potential adopters were not about to take him home, either.

They couldn’t see past his frightened exterior. He’s a very sweet dog, all things considered. Unfortunately, it can be hard to notice when you are only given a few moments to make a decision of this magnitude. He spent two months at the shelter and it seemed like no one was willing to give him a shot. Finally, the shelter workers came up with an idea.

They posted his photo on the shelter’s Facebook page and also told his story to the world. This was enough to change his fortunes. Lynn Lee decided that she would bring the dog home and she even introduced him to her pup beforehand. The two became fast friends and now Wall-E finally has a new home. He gets along great with everyone in the home.

Now that he no longer has to spend his days worrying, he is happy again. His true personality has begun to shine through. Wall-E is also more than happy to be sleeping in his very own doggy bed once again. We are glad that him and Lynn have found each other. Hopefully, he is never left to his own devices ever again. Consult the Dodo Adoptbot if you are considering adopting as well.

ADOPTED 11/25/18❤️WALL-E❤️He is the sweetest lab mix ! Good on leash 5-6 years oldPotty trained So well behaved Good with kids Scared in play group ( must have dog intro ) Wall-e was dropped off by his owner. They said they had no time for him. They brought his bed and all his toys with him and dropped them all off with him. Unfortunately none of his stuff is with him now and he’s been at the shelter for months. This poor guy does not deserve this ????????????#A3664523Maricopa county animal care and control2500 S 27th Ave Phoenix,Am 85009

Posted by MCACC West Adoptable Dogs on Friday, November 23, 2018

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