Mother-In-Law Is Charging $21 Per Person For Family’s Christmas Lunch

The holiday season can get really expensive, really quickly. Sometimes, it may seem as if we are stuck doing all of the work for very little reward. When these moments arise, most of us are willing to grin and bear it, though. After all, what are the holidays without family? Typically, most of our loved ones are willing to let us enjoy the trappings of the season without asking for any money.

It is nice to give the wallet a break in these moments. Anyone who has hosted a large family meal in the past may feel differently about it, though. Putting in all of that work to receive no appreciation can definitely make someone feel as if they are being taken advantage of. This is why some families will choose to divide the labor so that no one is left feeling that way.

There is one mother in law who has decided to put a stop to the free ride, though. We are more than sure that her actions will inspire a number of debates. One young lady’s post on Mumsnet has attracted a fair amount of attention. She says that her boyfriend was planning on taking her to his parents’ house for lunch on Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, he is reconsidering this decision because his mother is asking everyone who comes to the meal to shell out $21 for their portion. Now, the boyfriend is looking to head to his girlfriend’s parents’ house instead. The mother is not financially destitute and does not seem to need the money all that much. The message board was divided on the topic.

Of course, there are some who see Mom’s side and there are others who do not. In our estimation, this is not exactly the most hospitable thing to do. Meanwhile, we can also see where others are coming from. These sorts of meals can be costly to put together and maybe it is time for family members to help them shoulder the burden.

Would you ever be willing to charge your family members to have Christmas lunch? Where do you stand when it comes to this type of decision? This is a story that is sure to inspire a sizable amount of debate so be sure to share it with your friends and loved ones.

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