Adopted Girl With Rare Condition Causing ‘Silver’ Eyes Has Them Removed

When Primrose Austin was born, her biological parents were not able to care for her. She was born in China and was blind with partial deafness.

Eryn Austin of Braselton, Georgia saw a picture of Primrose early in 2016 and it was love at first sight. She had never seen eyes as beautiful. They were an unusual color of silver. Eryn and her husband had two children of their own but they made plans to go to China and adopt her.

Those beautiful silver eyes helped Primrose to find a family but they also caused her much pain. She had congenital glaucoma and it had not been treated. Her eyes had clouded over and looked translucent and silver.

Once Primrose was in Georgia, they found out she has “6p25 deletion syndrome.” The condition causes skeletal and eye abnormalities along with a lack of muscle tone and hearing loss.

Primrose was in agonizing pain to the point she sometimes couldn’t eat or drink. The glaucoma caused pressure behind the eye sockets. She also suffered from a shrinking eye and the other eye had retinal detachment.

Just weeks after the surgery, Primrose was already showing signs that things were improving.

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