Boy Gets The Flu And Doesn’t Want Anyone To Comfort Him – Except Rescue Dog

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC rescued our pal Riddick after he had been tossed out of a moving car. They gave him the time that he needed to heal and he was put up for adoption shortly thereafter. Bryan and his wife met the dog and fell in love right away. Riddick instantly became a beloved member of the family. Bryan and his wife had a baby soon after and the two became great friends.

Cambria is the family’s other pitbull. The two formed what was known as the “Paw Patrol”. They were obsessed with the baby. The dogs would not allow any harm to come his way. Dawson may have been a baby but he was of the utmost importance to these dogs. If he woke up from a nap, they were there. If the baby burst into tears, they were on the scene right away.

There was no job too big or too small for these dogs to handle. The dogs even sleep next to him and monitor him throughout the night. The obsession is mutual, by the way. Dawson loves his doggy siblings. He cuddles with them at every single opportunity. He does not like to be without them for any length of time. The bond that they have formed is a sight to behold.

When Dawson recently got sick, he became very despondent. The boy did not want to spend time with anyone else. All he wanted to do was cuddle with Riddick. Riddick could tell that the boy was not feeling well and spent as much time with him as he needed. Dogs can instinctively sense when their favorite people are not feeling as good as they should.

Riddick did not move when the boy crawled into his beloved ottoman to cuddle. Dawson did not even want Cambria to come near. All he wanted was his Riddick. The dog was more than happy to oblige. This pitbull is one of the kindest and most even tempered dogs that you are ever going to meet. He is great with children. Bryan calls him one of the most “chill” dogs that he has ever met.

Of course, it did not take long for Dawson to return to health. Riddick helped him through his bout with the flu and now the child is as good as new. If anything should happen, his dog brother will be there to help.

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