Adorable Cow Plays Fetch With Her Mom, And She Acts Just Like A Puppy

For those who own dogs of our own, the concept of playing fetch can be a lot of fun. We benefit from being able to spend time outdoors, getting fresh air and exercise. Our pets also get to enjoy this advantage and having the chance to use their energy for positive pursuits is important. It keeps them from feeling as if they are cooped up inside all day.

So what do we do when we want someone to play fetch with but we do not know any dogs that are close by? As it turns out, there are other animals who are willing to play these games with us. They just aren’t the animals that you would expect. We have actually managed to come across a video of a cow playing this game and we cannot believe what we are witnessing.

If you are the type of person who believes that cows aren’t capable of graceful and agile movements, this is the perfect clip for you. Lotta the cow loves playing with her owner Jasmine. The two reside on a Swedish farm and they have lots of fun together. They use a gym ball for this game. Jasmine will either throw it to Lotta or kick it in her direction.

This is one of the most adorable clips that you are ever going to see and we feel very certain about this. After watching this clip at least a few dozen times, we now want a pet cow that we can call our own as well. The amount of exercise that this creature is getting is also enviable. This practice started three years ago because Lotta was stricken with anxiety.

Like so many of us, her anxiety recedes when she is able to spend time outdoors. Exercise releases positive endorphins in all of us and cows are certainly no different. Lotta loves to play ball and this has become her favorite toy. If you would like to watch her in action, please take a moment to check out the clip below and pass it along.

Your friends and loved ones are definitely going to enjoy this awesome video and Lotta’s day to day life looks like a lot of fun. We wish her and Jasmine all of the best going forward. This is one dynamic duo that we would like to see more from in the future….if they are up to it, of course!

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