Shelter Dog Insists On Being Tucked Into Bed Every Single Night

Prince was a recent arrival at an upstate New York Humane Society and when he first made his way into the facility, he was terribly nervous. While he did have an owner earlier in his life, he was eventually left behind. When his owner was not able to take care of him anymore, he moved to his owner’s girlfriend’s house. This arrangement did not hold up for long, though.

The pup was able to slip away from his leash and he got away during a walk. No one could find him. Finally, Animal Control was able to locate the dog and he was brought to the shelter a few months ago. His owner never came back for him and he has been stuck waiting ever since. Prince has managed to find ways to make do in the meantime, however.

This is one dog who knows how to make lemonade out of the lemons that he has been given. He was quite skittish when he first arrived at the shelter and the workers began to believe that his unstable lifestyle had a lot to do with it. Prince was a very scared dog initially. Some even say that it seemed like anything and everything was terrifying to the dog.

Eventually, they hit upon a discovery that would forever change the way that they dealt with Prince. The dog had a very simple request that he wanted them to fulfill each night. Prince wanted the shelter workers to tuck him into his bed! Once they realized how much he enjoyed being tucked in, the dog’s whole demeanor slowly started to change.

The discovery was made by accident but it did not stop the shelter from adopting this practice on a daily basis. This allowed Prince to see that everyone had his best interests at heart. He has become spoiled now. He will not go to bed until someone has come into his kennel and tucked him in. Isn’t this one of the sweetest things that you have ever seen?

Be sure to reach out to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society if you have any interest in adopting this sweet boy. He loves people and has already come out of his shell. It may take some time to get used to the idea of tucking a silly pup into bed every night but we wish that we could do just that. We are fully confident in Prince’s ability to serve as a lovely companion to someone out there.

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