Dog Found Wandering All Alone With A Heartbreaking Note Stuck To Her Collar

Ghost is a special dog with a special story to tell. She did not get dealt a very good hand to start off with, though. When she was first discovered prowling through a Michigan neighborhood, no one seemed to know if she had a family or if she was a stray. All it took was a closer look at the dog to see what was taking place. Her collar told a very sad story.

The person who found Ghost also located a note in her collar. The note was likely written by her former owner, who had decided to abandon the dog when they could not care for her anymore. We do not know why people always take the coward’s way out in these situations. There are a wide range of shelters and animal hospitals that are happy to assist pet owners who need help with re-housing their furry friends.

In this instance, the former owner seems to have been suffering from some sort of medical emergency that precluded them from caring for Ghost. Still, these types of stories would not be as commonplace if people were willing to admit that they need help. Otherwise, innocent animals are cast aside and essentially left to fend for themselves.

The Luvnpupz rescue group was contacted to assist Ghost. They were able to step in immediately. Ghost was given the chance to live with a foster family and the rescuers believe that her former mother meant well. While she did not exactly go about this in the right way, the rescue team believes that this is not the typical abandonment case.

A public appeal has also been put out to the owner. No one is looking to shame Ghost’s owner. They are merely looking to spread the word so that she can be reunited with her former pal. Luckily, her foster family says that they will be able to support her…no matter what. Shipaila, her foster mother, says that she is not going to be passing judgement on her ex-owner.

There is also a scenario where the foster family may put her up for adoption if they are not able to re-establish contact with her original mother. It is important to remember that abandonment is never the answer. While this mother certainly meant well, we all need to share this story so that we can raise awareness about these types of incidents.

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