After Cops Wouldn’t Help Dad Find Missing Son, He Hires A Helicopter For $800 To Find Him

If you’re a mother, you know about mother’s intuition. It’s that innate ability to just “know” when something is wrong and your child needs help. There’s no way to explain mother’s intuition, it’s just one of those phenomenons that happen. And we’ve heard of many examples where it turns out to be right.

For example, there’s that the mother of premature twins. Her babies were born three months premature, and one of them sadly passed away. The other twin wasn’t fairing very well. Her mother’s intuition helped her come up with a solution to save her other baby’s life. The solution? Body heat and skin to skin contact from her and her husband. The child made a miraculous full recovery.

Another thing that mothers know very well, is the whole concept of being a “mama bear”. It’s that protective side that comes out when your child is in danger where you’re able to summon strengths you didn’t know you had, like the mother who saved her child from a cougar by prying its mouth open with her bare hands – nothing gets between a mother and her child.

But where do fathers fit in to all of this? We don’t really ever hear about “papa bears” or “dad’s intuition”, but they’re there nonetheless. One such dad who’s shown his parental intuition, is Tony Lethbridge, from Australia. It all started when his son, 17-year-old Samuel, failed to make it home after visiting his girlfriend. Neither his parents, nor his girlfriend had heard from him, something that is very strange.

Tony and his wife weren’t home the night that Samuel was supposed to be home, but his siblings were the ones to alert Tony to the fact that Samuel was missing. Tony came home immediately and contacted the police. He assumed that everything would be ok, and the police would be on the case right away – that’s not what happened. Instead, Tony was told that his son probably ran away and he should wait at home for him.

The response was not good enough for Tony, who knew he was going to have to take matters into his own hands. After Samuel was missing for a full 24 hours, and he’d received no help from the police, Tony decided to go find his son. He took $800 with him, and along with the help of his brother, chartered a helicopter to go on a search. The video below shows the journey he took to find his son, along with the rescue mission that he undertook on his own.

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