Woman Discovers Ex-Boyfriend Living In Attic After Noticing That The Toilet Seat Was Up

Talk about a break up horror story that will make you want to stay single forever – a woman found her ex-boyfriend secretly living in her attic!

The unnamed woman first became suspicious that something was off after she kept finding her toilet seat in the upright position, despite the fact that there were no men living at the house…or so she thought at the time.

In addition to the toilet seat, the woman also noticed a blanket that had been left in an unusual place. It didn’t take long for the woman to make the horrifying discovery that her ex-boyfriend had taken residence upstairs in her attic.

According to the Mirror, the woman went upstairs to the bedroom that she shared with her daughter to investigate a noise she’d heard. She assumed her cat was making the noise.

Instead, she got the fright of her life when she walked in to see her ex-boyfriend, Cary Cocuzzi, 31, standing in front of her. The scary part is, she had already taken out a protection from abuse order (PFA) against him, which should’ve been enough to protect her from Cocuzzi.

When speaking with Pennsylvania new station, WPXI, the woman explained, “I knew that blanket had not been there before. I knew it. But what could I do? I already had the PFA (protection from abuse) against him. I can’t call the police and say, ‘There’s a blanket in my basement’.”

When discussing the toilet lid situation, she said, “Nobody in my home uses the bathroom that way. And I didn’t have any visitors, so I just thought, ‘Gosh, is this guy in my house? This is so strange.’ I had an intuition about it, but I ignored it. I brushed it aside. I didn’t want to seem paranoid… you know, you never think this will happen to you, but I should have trusted my instinct because I was right.”

It has been said that after discovering Cocuzzi, he grabbed her by the face but she managed to break free from him in order run outside to neighbors, in order to alert authorities.

When police arrived, Cocuzzi was still hiding inside the house. He told officers that he was homeless and that is why he’d been sneaking in and out of his ex-girlfriend’s house for nearly two weeks.

According to reports by the Mirror, he is now facing burglary charges.

That is definitely one to remember: if something feels off don’t worry about seeming paranoid. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and have your ex squatting in your attic.

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