Amazon Is Selling An Outdoor Canopy Chair With Netting To Protect You From Bugs

There is nothing quite like getting outside and enjoying some fresh air. When the weather is nice, we might find ourselves watching our kids playing some type of sports at school, going camping or perhaps just hanging out with friends at a picnic. There are many positive things about the summertime of the year but bugs are not included in them. In fact, you might wonder if bug spray is ever going to do its job. With this chair, you don’t even need it.

Perhaps that is taking things a bit too far and you may want to keep the bug spray close but this canopy chair has netting that can shield you from bugs as long as you are inside. It is a fabric chair in the traditional sense, similar to the one that you probably carry with you when you are going from activity to activity during the summer. This chair, however, comes with something extra.

The canopy included with the chair keeps you from getting overcome by the direct sun and the netting can be zipped up to protect you from flying bugs. Your skin will thank you for it.

You can buy this chair on Amazon for $63. It is offered by SwimWays.

Just look at what this chair brings to the table.

You will love being inside of the netting and saying goodbye to the bugs while enjoying the outdoors.

The chair is collapsible so you can easily pack it wherever you need to go.

The majority of the reviews on Amazon are five stars. One of the only downsides you will typically find is that you can’t bring it everywhere you go.

“Best investment ever!” exclaimed one reviewer. “My son has soccer practice in the evenings and mosquitos apparently love me. This chair made all the difference. Instead of having to spray myself down and inevitably still being bitten, the netting saved me! I was trying to figure out how to carry the chair back to my car with the netting still surrounding me…..sadly, this does not work, but does make for some hilarious moments that embarrass your kid.”

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