Starving Senior Dog Felt Defeated When He Is First Rescued Until His Tail Started Wagging

Holden the dog was dropped off at the shelter and his prognosis did not seem positive. Can you believe that this dog’s weight dwindled to 22 pounds? He was practically skeletal. The poor little dog had been through a lot. He was actually taken from his past owners because the police were forced to raid the property. There was no place else for the dog to go.

“Holden was a last minute intake today. He was seized during a drug raid. As you can see, he has not been well cared for.”

He would simply have to take his chances at the shelter. Our heart goes out to dogs that are seized in this fashion. They are unaware of the criminal elements that they reside in. Unfortunately, they are the ones who are left to suffer the consequences of their owners’ ignorance. The shelter did not have enough space to provide him with a home for very long.

They decided to issue a plea for assistance. The world needed to know what Holden was going through. It was easy to see that he had not received the proper care from his past owners. According to the shelter, he was supposed to weigh at least 40 pounds. When Holden first arrived, his desperation for food was apparent. He was caught trying to steal from the cats on the scene.

What a sad story. The shelter let the world know that he was a quiet dog who happened to be fairly well mannered, considering the situation. Most dogs would be raising all kinds of ruckus in this scenario. Holden simply wanted a home and he was doing his best to be a good boy in the meantime. Releash Atlanta finally stepped up to assist him.

They wanted to make sure that this dog had the chance to enjoy a forever home. Saving the dog was going to be easier said than done. Basic functions were no longer coming easily to him.

An examination of the dog revealed that he had a massive tumor in his spleen. After a successful surgery, he was finally ready to head to his true forever home.

Melissa Lentz is an experienced foster mother and she gave him a place to stay during the recovery process. While he is still on the mend at the present time, we are sure that he will be able to locate a forever home before too long. Please take a moment to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. Let’s raise awareness, so that Holden is able to locate the home he deserves.

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